Original Cowgirl Clothing Women's American Born Tee Slub Burnout

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Brand : Original Cowgirl Clothing

Merchant : Country Outfitter

American Born Tee Slub Burnout Tee by Original Cowgirl Clothing Company. You will fall in love with this soft, yet stretchy fabric that hangs delightfully Fabric Details: Poly Rayon Slub Jersey Fabric, 65% Polyester 35% Rayon 32s, 4.1oz/140g, Color: Pink. Slub yarn is used to create an exclusive texture that shows the appearance lumps that create softness and in the zones were yarn shows less fullness fabric appears to be a bit sheer, this creates a fun texture that provides freshness. This fabr...


Shipping and delivery understand how Original Cowgirl Clothing Women's American Born Tee Slub Burnout is fantastic not really until you decide to attempt it by yourself. We advise you to buy product to get test. So that you could recognize often the fantastic experience of how terrific it is by your self. Because the immediate experience via trial all on your own is greater than only examining from their customers.

Category : clothing & accessories > women > tops & tees > knits & tees

Brand : Original Cowgirl Clothing

Merchat : Country Outfitter
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